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Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Pet Care

Dog walkers / Pet sitters
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Talk to other Dog walkers / Pet sitters
Hello everyone, this community is for all Pet sitters / Dog walkers out there or You work with pets. This is a space to talk to one another about your days, your concerns and to share ideas or experiences. There isn’t to be any Adds posted unless you get permission to do so. All who wish to join must be a pet sitter or work with animals (i.e.: vet, trainer...ect!), this isn’t a bash your pet sitter community.

Please Copy / fill out the following. When you join this community:

I’m a… (Insert job)
I’ve been doing this for...
Why I do my job…
I care for… (Insert what kind of pets you care for)

To all my members Welcome!
I hope this community will help everyone in some way. I can’t wait to get to know you and share experiences.
Have fun everyone
--- mrsgidget ---